Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet our Silver Batch! Voiceworx 25!

                     Congratulations! Voiceworx 25!

Our silver batch of Voiceworx attendees has proven the effectiveness of the workshop and how people are starting to recognize that there is something to doing voices and that people should consider it as an art! 

And because they are our 25th batch, each of them gets a copy of our industry handbook on Radio advertising. The kind of stuff you wish you had read before you took on that first VO gig in commercials. The handbook is just a small part of my book: "Behind The Mic: Voiceover Secrets Revealed" It contains groundbreaking techniques in doing voices and marketing your talent, especially in the corporate or industrial work. For more information about the book or for ordering instructions, you may email at It is initially available in the Philippines only.

We at Creativoices Productions are always happy to work with enthusiasts and serious voiceovers in honing their skills. If you haven't joined the workshop or is undecided yet, give us a call at 2396468/4083308 and we'll explain to you how voiceacting can do wonders for your career or present job. And how it can even improve your self-esteem and personality outlook. Our tried and tested seminar series start anew this October 05, 2013. Be part of it!

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