Friday, November 18, 2005

Our very own - Its Creativoices Productions!

Hello Everyone! Check this out!
No longer do you have to scour the internet for Voice-Over Solutions!
Its here, and its in the Philippines!

The Voice Of Creativity.

Voice-Over Solutions
We are the no.1 provider of pre-qualified and professional Voice Artists in the Philippines. Our excellent production team can handle any type of Audio Requirement. Whether it is for Corporate Videos, Narration, Commercials, Audio Books, Websites, Multi-media, Messages on hold, Looping, or dubbing, Animation and Characters, Instructional Videos and Broadcast Quality Podcasts. Our elite squad of technical staff, writers, directors, crew and producers are ready to serve you 24/7 from major decisions to specific requirements. For anything short of creativity, you need CREATIVOICES. And that is where we come in.

Providing you with nothing short of professional service, our talented lineup of field experts is at your disposal from concepts to application. Contact us to think, execute, and deliver. With years of connections and established productions, we have what it takes to back up our name. Creativoices Productions.. We Think Globally, Voice Act locally.


Equipped with the technical know-how and the brightest talents to produce crisp audio productions at a click of a button. We provide the most economical solution to hassle-free voice over transactions over the Internet. Delivery within 72 hours upon confirmation, over FTP upload, secured link, or e-mail. Audio formats can be in WAV, AIFF, MPEG, or the popular MP3/MP4 formats. Creativoices Studios offers:

a. Audio Design
b. Voice Talent Production
c. Animation Production
d. Concepts and Consultations
e. Studio and Hardware Setups
f. Pre-Post productions

When you need more than just exposure, we provide a comprehensive coverage of media services from Publishing, Press Releases, Event Management, Radio, Television and the NET. We can put you in the spotlight with our diverse resources of PR Professionals, Net Managers, Researchers, E-mail client groups, Mail merge, I-Blogs, Podcasts, Forums and even Webminars. We’ll formulate the acoustic blueprint, and make sure it gets listened to - properly. With over 20 years of combined experience and industry training, Creativoices Media Group has everything covered for you. Literally.

The result of a solid background of intensive voice work out is a Training/Resource group and Help support, equipped with the latest facilities to harmonize our voice with your ideas. Creativoices Clinic provides a database of readily available talents and aspiring voice artists. We offer Professional Voice Coaching, Seminars, Workshops, School Tours, Private Coaching, Talent Screening, Rigorous Vocal Training, and facilitation of Client to Voice-over Transactions. We can even setup you very own home studio, teach you voice marketability, and tell you how to maximize your talent in this very lucrative industry. Spick and span business deals, and guaranteed delivery. This is Creativoices Clinic, and its open for consultations 24/7.



At November 22, 2005 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

never knew there's a big voice over company in the phils like yours... i enjoy reading your site, keep up the good work and good luck!


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