Friday, October 28, 2005

This is a BIG Demo!

A voice.. 65 million years in the making...

A demo.. 2mins and 26 seconds in counting..

Finally a worthy demo.. this sample took me a while to decide what to clip and add.. bestfriends says everything is good to the ear... so i dont know.. you tell me.

the TRT for the sample is 2:26 mins.. but you wont notice it really. i guess its because its a littel entertaining by itself..

I think I'll have to start posting real podcasts.. my own actually.. since this is what this website is all about. so guys, just keep on visiting and please dont forget to post for comments.. i'd really love to hear from you!

thanks alot and God bless us all!

Okay here it is!

Big Brian Voice Demo

You can also visit
But its still under construction ok?


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